The transformation of raw mineral ore into modern alloys is a continuous, energy-intensive process, beset by entropic losses as it traverses diverse phases, making energy the single largest cost component in the production of stainless steel.

The Lamergyre Alloys Limited plant integrated design optimises the metallurgical thermodynamic process


Energy Conservation

The plant integrated design curtails these thermal losses by sequential off-take of hot metals for the metallurgical furnaces from the wet metal aisle, with a very substantial energy saving outcome.



The process plant itself produces products through very high heat smelting furnaces that are liquid cooled. The liquid cooling process removes heat from the furnace to prevent it from suffering damage because of the high levels of heat energy produced and directed in the smelting process. This heated liquid is a vector for energy to generators where some of the energy is re-won as part of the liquid cooling process, on its way back to the furnace cooling system. These energy saving functions are referred to as co-generation.

To the Nth Degree

In a similar manner the quality of the product is enhanced by facilitating the directional alignment of the steel and producing a very thin stainless steel product for many tertiary manufacturing applications. Generally this is achieved by post-production rolling and heat treatment. The system as conceptualized will make optimum use of existing casting processes that produce the same quality in a single pass casting process to achieve an acceptable level of quality and thickness at a substantially reduced production cost and with a very reduced in-plant dwell time.